Badger Press is at the forefront of good environmental practice and we have medals to prove it!

We constantly monitor the latest developments in ‘low environmental impact print technology’.

This covers all aspects of the print production cycle, from the paper, ink and consumables we use right through to production equipment, company vehicles and also the premises.

With all the ‘latest’ environmental buzz words it’s easy to forget the obvious, and an area of environmental responsibility often neglected is the maintenance of equipment and the training of staff. At Badger Press we take these responsibilities very seriously, we have found that paying particular attention to these areas significantly reduces the wastage of all materials and increases the quality of the finished product.

We recycle:

Waste paper and packaging 100%
Waste metal 90%
Waste ink 90%
Waste plastic 80%

Environmental Award Winning Print
CBEN Gold at Heart Award

CBEN Green at Heart – Gold Award

Badger Press has held the CBEN Gold Award since 2008.

The Green at Heart scheme is a new addition to the CBEN awards and has been developed as an option for businesses seeking certification in recognition of their environmental awareness and practices.

By winning the Gold Award we have proved that we have reduced our impact on the local environment – reducing operating costs and gained a healthy green reputation with an increased level of recycling, reduced risk of pollution and cutting energy costs.

With the CBEN Green at Heart – Gold Award, rest assured you are using a supplier with outstanding sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.